Aylsham Workshop 2012

Our resident tutor is International Medium and Tutor, Roger Colman.

He offers both full day Workshops and regular Development ‘Circles’ catering for all
levels from complete beginners through to advanced Mediumship and also his specialist
subject, Trance Mediumship.

Roger has taught at some of the leading Spiritual centers including the SAGB in London.

Whether you would like to take your first steps on your own journey of development, to
find out if you have any potential or just to see what it is all about or, if you just need
some help ‘fine tuning’ your own Mediumship, Roger will help you to fulfil your own full

For more information, Please visit his website www.rogercolman.co.uk
Private Consultations
Sometimes we feel it necessary to have a Private Consultation where we can have a
one to one reading with the Medium.  The reading is in privacy and you will have the
opportunity for more in depth information and a longer reading than would be possible
in a Public Demonstration.

Private Consultations are available with Roger Colman either at his home in Norwich or
at Still Waters, in Aylsham.

The Consultations last approximately 45 minutes and you can take a cassette tape to
have the reading recorded.

There are many forms of Healing and the aim of Healing is to promote well being and
balance encouraging Self Healing.  Healing can not claim to ‘cure’ medical problems nor
can Healers ‘diagnose’ health problems.  Healers can however, work within your Aura
(your body’s natural energy field) and by channeling Universal energies, they can help to
restore the balance and ‘recharge’ the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Healing requires no
religious belief and excludes no religious belief, it is available to all.  Healing is a
Complimentary therapy and may be used alongside conventional medicine.

Annabelle Fisher is a Complimentary therapist based at Still Waters in Aylsham.  
She has over 10 years experience as a therapist and offers Crystal Healing, Reiki and is
currently training to become a member of the Norfolk Healers offering Spiritual Healing.

Tania Fiorentini is a qualified member of the Norfolk Healers.  She offers Spiritual
Healing and also trains new Healers for the Norfolk Healers.