Aylsham Spiritual Group

Aylsham Spiritual Group was formed to provide access to
a selection of GOOD Mediums for local people.
We are well aware that in its pure form, good Mediumship
will not only prove to us beyond doubt by means of good
Evidence that our loved ones are alive and well, it will also
often be an experience of great healing for the recipient and
the Spirit world and it should be a positive and uplifting
experience for all involved.

Mediumship is not about predicting the future or telling the
rest of the audience your private business and a good
Medium will never tell you anything negative.  The Spirit
World wish only to share their Love and Inspiration.  

We also feel the importance of educating people in the difference
between a Psychic and a Medium.  A Psychic can read the energy of
a living person, an object or a place.  They can give detailed
information about you and your life and can even tell if you have lost
someone close to you.  A Medium can actually communicate with
this energy / consciousness of a Spirit person who is physically
‘dead’ but very much alive in the Spirit World.  A Medium can give
‘Evidence’ to validate the survival of your loved one for example
a physical description, personality, a passing condition or a memory.  
All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums.

We aim to provide a selection of Mediums from the local
area and also further afield from other counties.  Our
Mediums are all selected on the merit of their Evidence and
Spirituality.  Some  are very highly regarded in their field of
Mediumship and many are tutors, some work internationally
and some have dedicated their whole lives to serving the
world of Spirit.

Evenings of Mediumship
Evenings are held 2nd Friday of the month.
Doors open at 7.00pm.
Evenings start at 7.30pm until 9.30pm.
There is a refreshment break half way through the evening
With complimentary Tea and Coffee.
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